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Friday, August 31, 2012

I know.. Its been a day I think since I wrote something..this is not anything to do with my week,, or day.. this has to do with what I found online.. its going to blow your mind...lol


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday's Thoughts... and Concerns....

Am I really going to get out of this State?  I could only pay for Jenny's Vet bill about half. The bill was $116.00 including her prescription.  I knew this had to be done.. And they knew it had to be done. What did they want me to do??  Tell them to just put her to sleep??  That would have been cheaper than what they did to her.    And poor Jenny has not been active at all.. Just lays around, and sleeps.. I have taken her outside several times today. And she just wants to come back inside. 

I decided to check the mail. And got a letter from Social Security.  Now that I will be of that age where I am "entitled" to Medicare... OH.. but its going to cost me for that entitlement.. $100.00 per month.  Yep.. I'm even more of a Poor person now.  But since I am luck enough to be involved in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.. I called the lady that takes care of it all. And left her a message to call me about this. She actually called 10 minutes later. And told me I had to write her a letter stating that my social security has gone down.. And so my rent will go down also.. Thank God for that.  but, I still have all my little bills to pay. I wonder how I'm going to be able to buy things I really do need. Like I'm really in need of new clothes.  My clothes has been dwindling down to nothing....I've had to wear some winter clothing this summer.. Well, like we really had a long hot summer.. It was right around 10 days of actual summer... LOL...

My aditude about where I am with my finances are not to healthy, but I'm not ever going to let it beat me down if all I have left is $14.72.  As long as I have food to eat, and Jenny Craig has her food, and my bills are paid. I'm NOT EVER going to let it get me down...


Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday...Sad Day

What a sad day for me today. My little dog,, Jenny Craig was having a problem with her behind. Always scooting...I had it checked out ..payed $65.00 to make sure she didn't have worms.. And she didn't. They should have done more checking. Because she needed to have her Anil Glands drained.  So, here she was walking around scooting.. and then she started really having a problem.. crying and trying to take care of the problem herself.. But, she couldn't get back there.. she is a bit heavy. Yes.. she has lost 6 pounds, but still needs to lose 2 more..

I finally called her Vetinaranian and the next apointment was noon today.  I said OK.. we left and when we got there they took her back and all I could hear was her crying....and almost screaming.. the pain must have been horrible for her.. They brought her out after they then clipped her nails.. And told me the Dr needed to talk to me. They found something.

The Dr came out and told me that they had a hard time with one side of her glands.. And that they were thinking that she has a Tumor.  And told me that if she starts scooting again.. that I needed to bring her in right away.. since it is very important that if I don't get her in here fast,, that she could die......

I'm so upset about this... Coming home on the bus she sat on my lap and all of a sudden,,she wanted to go sit on a ladies lap next to me..... It was sooo

After getting off the bus.. she needed to go to the bathroom.. she tried so hard.. but couldn't ... When we finally got home. She throw up... She walked over to her bed, and layed down with her friend Fifi... I at one time thought she was dead.. I was so upset.. She is now on my bed..waiting for me to come to bed.. I'm going to call her Doc. in the morning and see what they can do...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm so sick of this City... Just walking down the street and passing a bum... that is smoking Pot...Yes.. he is a bum.. how do they get their money for Pot???

And actually the other day I was walking down the stairs to the Back door to the Basement.. There were 2 bum's sitting on the steps doing the same but this time it was Crack... I told them to move on.. That they were on Private Property. They moved on..

Finally got rid of that woman who was selling Crack in our Building. Her Mother works for Pikes Place Market and has helped her 2 times out of getting kicked out of here.. But, there was a community meeting at the Plymouth House and I forgot about it. Otherwise I would have been there. Anyway, they listened to Richard and another man who lives here about that woman, and they took actions.. That was the best day for everyone here. Her Mother was unable to help her this time around,... So there is another person on the Streets of Seattle..

When I moved to this building in 2010, It actually was a 55 or older building.  And let me say. I am the first to tell you.. I'm sick of living in this type of building.  But, actually they started letting the younger adults move in. And I mean young, there are no one older than 30 that they have been renting to.  Now I don't really mind the younger crowd.  And maybe its just that I am living in the Basement. But,,, I do feel like I'm living here in the building at times all by myself.  There are days that I see no one.  That is why I'm needing to move from here.  I feel very isolated. And that is now how I want to feel

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday...Yeppie.. I think I made it A Week..

I'm so tired.. I haven't been cooking much lately.. Well, I have cooked stuff.. Just not what I want to show you... LOL.. I did make a great meal last night.. But when I went to look for my Jasmine Rice.. I had none left.. I then looked for my Reg rice.. and where did it go??  Oh well.. I had left over smashed taters..with that Apricot Chicken..

I had re-runs this evening.. still without the rice.. I have been busy trying to get this place in order since I got rid of all the Furniture that that Witch bought,,, I have no Storage now.. And my living room has so much papers strung around... One pile to toss out, another pile to put somewhere .. and well,,, I emptied a  planter it was pretty till it fell out of my grip and it fell to the floor.  One less thing I had to take up to the Witch. 

Stuff on the living room chair.. I must say.. this is the only room with a mess.. Kitchen is very clean, bathroom,, clean.. Bedroom??  Very clean and re-arranged.. I finally got that Black area rug out from under the bed, and I put it in the Kitchen..

OH.. and by the way.. Has anyone else had a problem with McAfee Securtiy???  Like I had??  I had to call them and they had me uninstall the program, and then sent me by email a link on how to re-install it... And last month, I had to take my laptop to Office Depot,, because somehow something got in and there was no way I could get back into the laptop.  That cost me $197.00.  Well, I took my laptop back to Office Depot,, since well, I did buy it there..

I had to wait for someone to help me since there was only one person waiting on someone elses laptop.  He did call for help though.. and this guy came up and got into my laptop.. and asked me what the problem was.. I told him about McAfee and the security thing that happened.  Well,, it was such a mess.. I had to actually use my outside voice to get it across to these 2 idiots that I Just didnt' uninstall it because.. I did it because someone at McAfee told me to. they could not find anything on my laptop to indicate that I was getting McAfee for free for a year.  Who cares.........I thought.. I just wanted them to fix it.. Which they never did.. I brought it home and installed AVG... forget about those

That has been my day... Silly as it is....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts...

They say it will only get to around 64 today. That's all find and dandy.. but when you live in a building that does not have air conditioning..... The whole building is still hot. The hallways are so hot.. And it does not help to live in the Basement where the Laundry is located. And they do not close that door.  Oh.. and the elevator is hotter than a pistol.

We are suppose to be getting some rain today. We have not had any for around 30 or so days.  What a shock!!!! LOL.. And my main thinking right now is ... Will I have enough to saved to move. 

What am I hitting on my lap top that makes everything disappear?? I had lots of stuff typed,, and all of a sudden I'm hitting something that deletes half of what I have typed.. Anyone know???

I'm not going any further than this.. because I lost a lot of my blog.. I am beginning to really hate this laptop.. I just may be placing my hands down on the keys that operate that thing that deletes... Gurrrrrr....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday 08/22/2012

Its so silly of me to add the date lol.. Why?? I have no idea.

Well, things around here have been interesting.  Last night right about 8:30pm or so.. I heard glass breaking. Then again,, someone dropped another glass or at that time I had no idea what it was, till the second glass breaking,, I looked out the window, and saw glass in the Alley.  Someone.. from my apartment building dropped a bottle.  OH,, it was 2 times they did it. Well, it happened again tonight.  This time that idiot not only dropped a bottle of what ever he was drinking on the alley floor, but his pillow came floating I then called Security.  And went down to sweep the glass away so the cars and Trucks that come in the alley to either park on the roof parking or pick up trash.  Not good for the tires...

Finally Security came walzing up.. they just don't care.. So he stood there looking up and then we saw a Foot come out the Well, we finally figured out who it was.  And I'm pretty sure when our Manager comes back from his Vacation there will be a little talk between the

So, other than that,,well, other than reading about how everyone is having a very difficult time buying groceries.. Yes,, with the draught and food prices going up.. Its very difficult deciding what to pay for food or Bills..???  So really sad..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday 08/21/2012

What happened to my text I just typed??  What did I hit on my laptop that wiped it all way???

Well, anyway.. as I was saying... I have been doing a lot of thinking about this move I haven wanting to do. First I really wanted to move to Clearwater,FL.  I was so wanting to move there. But, something happened, and it was not to be. Maybe one day I can go visit. 

So, then I thought of moving back to Reno. Was looking for an apartment. Had 2 I was thinking about, and all my friends were really happy that I was going to be moving back "Home". 

This has been for the past 2 weeks I had this thought.  But, today... I just thought.. Why do I have to move so far away? Why not look away from the Downtown area of Seattle for an apartment???  So, that is what I  have been doing.  I first called a good friend who lives in Shoreline ,,a suburb of Seattle,, Because I am on the Choice Voucher System.. (Section 8).  A Government thing... that I received for the first time in Reno,NV.  When I lived in Reno, I was allowed a one bedroom apartment.  I'm sure anywhere else I go with that voucher I  would also live in a one bedroom apartment. BUT,,not here in Seattle,WA. If you are Single, you will live in a Studio.  Yep.. Oh.. there are ways around that .. If you can find an apartment that is all inclusive, then you can get away with renting a one bedroom,, which is what is happening right now with this apartment I live in right now.

The first year I lived in this building, I had to rent a very small studio. A the end of living in that small place, I asked if I could rent a one bedroom. An it will be 2 years at the end of April.  Although now I'm on a Month to Month ... which means, I can leave at anytime I feel. All I have to do is give them a 20 day quit notice. 

I have taken that Airline ticket and made arrangements for a round trip ticket to Reno for a 5 day stay.  I will stay with several friends when there.  I'm taking Jenny Craig with me.. It will be so nice seeing my friends.  


Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday 0820/2012

I thought I was going to have to head off to the Grocery Store. Till I looked in the Freezer and found a bag of Chicken. OH.. Goody.. I am going to make my Thai Chicken this evening. 

The Chicken is Frozen, but I think I can still put it in the slow cooker.  I found a site that says I can put frozen chicken in the Slow Cooker.. Good.. Now I'm just going to have to wait.  We will see how long it takes. The artical said boneless,, I have bone in chicken.. And I have it on High..

Sunday 08 19 2012

Well, made it to Sunday.. now what to Its been a very lazy day.

I have a friend who lives in Philly.  Right now she is in Santa Cruz,California. And she is loving it there. Well, I guess I would to, since living in snow for all that time. She is there to get away for a while, and to house sit for a good friend.
And she is also thinking of just moving somewhere in or near Santa Cruz.  But she said, the jobs here are the same anywhere.. bad..

I'm hoping to talk to a good friend who's brother works for the California Acadmey of Science.  You never know.... Wouldn't that be wonderful to have a job for her.. So, that is what I'm working on right now. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I know.. this one is the last one...

Thursday I picked up a bus to go get my hair cut and styled.  That bus that finally showed up was so full.. But I was able to find a seat at the front of the bus.  And as the bus driver drove, I looked out the side window. And as we were getting off Aurora I saw these People that were wearing white, and was taking these small balls and rolling them at other balls to see how far they could roll them. I know how to say the Italian word,, Just can't figure out how to spell it. Bachi??  is that it??  Any Italians out there let me know if that is the right spelling..I knew the game was there,, but all the time I had ever been on the bus, no one ever was playing that game.. wish I could have sat and watched them. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Living in Seattle,WA in 90 degree Weather

You know I wouldn't have not liked it here in Seattle when the weather was so hot. Where if you didn't have an air conditioner, you would have died,.. It got to 92 degrees for 2 days in a row. Thrus and Friday..

This building I live in has no air conditioner either. Try getting into a box (elevator) where there is no air conditioner....or even a swamp cooler... Nothing. I feel I am living in the 50's or 60's... But I'm not ..We are living in the 21st Century.. for goodness sakes.. What is the matter with this State? Or this City.  ??? 

So for those 2 days of intense heat.. This morning,,, what do we get??  clouds, cool weather.. I am amazed  how the weather changes like this.  But, we do live near Alaska.. So, I suppose that is where the cooler weather is coming from.  Well, so that is that for this day.. almost midnight.. Have a happy day for those that live across the Pond..

Yesterday was so hot...

And today??  Pretty interesting. Dull, Cloudy, and a bit chilly.. Yep, thats Seattle for you. 

So for 3 days we had days of 90 degree weather.. I think I can turn off my little window Air Conditioner now.. And it could look like this picture I added.. and look it was taken in 2010..but it looks just like this today....

Multiply Site

Oh, boy,,, I was just over at Multiply and left a message for those of my friends to come by and check out my site.. I'm feeling pretty good about this site.. It looks so refreshing.  And so, after I finished that blog over there, I wanted to see what it looked like and well.. They (Multiply) has taken away my background,,and my site looks so bland,, boring, alone,, So Sad,,

But,not to worry.. Blogger is looking Fresh, New, Interesting,, and Exciting.  And that is how I'm coming into this New Home at Blogger..

Saturday (Early Morning)

5:30AM, That is the time Jenny woke me up.  She needed to go outside.  OK, I got dressed and off we went. We usually go out the back door of the apartment building. But because its so early in the morning, we had to take the elevator to the Main floor. 

As we got off the elevator, and was walking toward the front door, I heard loud voices from outside. Now we have a gated little place, which means... who ever comes in should shut the door after them at a certain time in the evening. Usually by 7pm, that gate is closed and no one can come in unless they have a key. 

So, I just thought it was our Resident Drug Dealer that was out there yelling about something or other.. Yes.. we have one of those.. and they Keep saying they are trying to evict her. But so far,,,, she is still here. It doesn't help that her Mother works for Pikes Place Market.. But,,, no it wasn't her,, but 2 young women and 2 young men sitting and standing out there with liquor sitting every where.  

I asked them if they lived here, and they said No.. I then told them that they had to leave because they were on Private Property. They got so mouthy with me. I stood my ground and I told them that If they didn't leave I would call security.  One of the guys Challenged me.  Paaaalease... don't Challenge me... Because I will call them. He was saying OK,, go ahead and go back up to your apartment and call the Cops.. Well, I said I don't need to call the police, I have a security person I could call right from here.... They stood there trying to explain to me in a drunken kinda way as to why they were yelling. Some one from above dropped something on them... ??? Really???.. Do ya think they were trying to tell you something I said???

Finally Brian another tenent came walking towards the door,.. and that is when they finally left.. and stopped Challenging me... Living Downtown Seattle is sometimes interesting..

I became Mighty Mini

Friday, August 17, 2012


I know.. I just figured out that I'm not putting the date just the day... Its my Dance.. thank you very much.  and i guess I can put stuff on here that might be interesting to some and to others not so interesting. OH,, Well, thats life..

I saw the other day that Pineapple was very good for you. So one of these days I'm going to buy a whole Pineapple and see how young I look after eating all of it... lol..

Jenny and I walked to Payless Shoes. I had been wanting to buy a nice pair of sandles for the longest time. But know that Payless Shoes are not the best shoes... Cheap is what they are.  But I needed something .. I'm tired of wearing my Sports shoes while wearing peddle pushers.. What?? you don't know what Peddle Pushers are??  Google them.. then you will know what they are.... OH.. boy. Babsy.. be nice...LOL..

So, I didn't find sandles,, but those cute little shoes.. summer shoes.. And I know my right foot will not like that shoe at all.. Will have to wear them each day for a little while each time.. for that right foot to feel good about it all..

OH.. and I took a video of a Bagpipe Band last night...
Hope you enjoy it...

whooo.. whoo.. I'm having fun now with blogger..

It was a hard day yesterday

My poor apartment looks like someone broke in and ransacked it.  But, it was not that, I finally was able to get the furniture and stuff to that woman yeserday, and I was so thankful that a friend came to help me do this..

As we delivered the last few things to her.. She walked up to me with her hand toward me.. she handed me ....$20.00... I took it, but gave it to Taylor and he accepted it because he was flat A** broke.  We brought the cart back to my place and he was on his way,, But I thought., OH. I forgot to give him something. So, I called him and got his voicemail.. asking him to come back to the back door because I had something for him. He called me back and I asked him where he was. I walked down to the Market and found him. And well, all I had on hand was a $10.00 bill. I told him that I was thankful that I had such a good friend, and told him that this  was all I had on me.  He smiled, and said thank you.  And went on his way to meet his friend who has a boat and they were going out fishing.

So this morning I am sitting here with a cup of tea and wondering if there is any place on me that does not hurt....I still need to take the cart into the Community Room. And get this place back in order. Will I have the strength to do It??? No, I will just take my time and do a little bit at a time. Getting old ... I have found is not FUN....lo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I so disllike in Seattle,WA

My lungs feel so full, they hurt, and I can hardly breath,, and I have been caughing for the past 2 days.  Oh.. and the last time it got over 90 degrees here in Seattle, I felt the same way. 

SMOG...I hate it.. I remember feeling this way when I lived in Southern California in the later days of living there. Because when we first moved to La Puente, California.. there was NO Smog... We just had to give it a few decades before it got out of control.. Too many cars.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wow. 2 in a Row....

Lots of thoughts today.... I took the wrong cell phone with me. But, that was OK, since the Cable Guy left me a note.. I called him. And he came by and finally connected the right cable box to my TV.

Instead of an HD Cable Box, he had to bring out a Digital Cable Box.. Works Grrreat Got my over due dishes done from this morning and had a nice little nap..

Let me tell you... It was a stressful morning. Jenny and I walked to do all the money thing.. Some time back, I was so Mad at Wells Fargo Bank. That I called Social Security and asked for the Direct Express Card to be sent to me.  So I had that for around 2 months.  And then I went to The Money Tree and got myself a Cash Solutions Visa Card. This had been done a few months back.

Now this is what I have to do... Once the Social Security Money is placed in my Direct Express Card, I STILL have to go to the Bank and have money taken out of that card.  And for the second time... they asked me if I had an account. I said no. they asked if they may ask what happened? why I closed the bank account?? 

I told them they were getting to big and wanted to charge my account monies that I had to live on.  He was looking on the computer and he said. What if I told you I can get you set up with an account that doesn't ask you to use your debit card 10 times to get away from us charging you???  I then went ahead and got the account set up.

I need to start thinking of the ease of my life.  After all.. I'm getting to that age now where things have to start becoming easier... That is why I have made the decision to go back home to Reno,NV. 

OH.. have to tell you about Jenny this morning. we came out of the bank, and as we were walking up 4TH Ave we passed a Yoga shop. The doors were open, so as Jenny is very interested in what is in there.... She walked right in.. It was so funny.. of course it was just the front end of the business.. there were 2 young women and they were not very happy that she was there.. To bad.. She walked back out the door and we continued our walk..

Its now 2:00PM.. and still need to do more shopping. We have a new Target Store a few blocks away .. called The City.  Just small enough for Downtown Seattle. Nice. Gotta go there for a few things. 

Trying to Figure this Blogger out.

Finally decided to go check out You Tube for a Tutorial on Blogger.. and I finally have some of this figured out... So that is a good thing...

So I have so much to do today... Better get going..


Wow.. already.. Tuesday.. and I actually forgot about doing this on Monday.. well, I can say its at the end of Tuesday.. almost Wednesday.. 11:58pm... Just brought Jenny back from a very short walk.

She had a bad day today.  The City is working on the road out front of our apartment building. And making all sorts of noises.. It was so loud, the old guys sitting out front could not hear a word anyone was saying. And there were people walking by with their fingers in their ears. 

Scared little Jenny Craig so bad,I had to hold her till we got half way down the Street. And then when I put her down, she found her favorite tree, and did her thing. We took off and she was a bit slow in walking and I have this retractable leash on her.  Which by the way is a very bad thing to have in this City. No one looks down,,, no one sees her (Jenny Craig) walking next to me or behind me or even in front of me.  Several times people have gotten tangled up in her leash.  Or almost stepped on her.  Well this guy was texting,, and walking.. where is a cop when you needed one.. lol.. anyway.. he got tangled up in her leash, and pulled on her.. Which made her even more afraid.  After getting untangled, I again picked her up. Walked across the street and we walked up to 2nd St. There was so much traffic this morning. So much noise. And I think that was a bother to her. I know it was to me.

We got as far as between Virginia Street and Lanora Street, when we saw a friend walking her dog. She lives in the Apartments on the corner of Lanora and 1St Ave. We just stand there or where ever we see each other walking our dogs.. and talk and that is what we did this morning. It was nice.

I knew Jenny and I were not going to take our usual long walk. So we just walked up to Lanora and up to 1st ave.  and home.  I'm hoping Miss Jenny Craig will feel a lot better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have lots to say.. Lots to do ...and with that.. I will close this for now..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Needing Help

Damn.. its getting more fustrating on this site.... I feel like I'm out here alone,, and I hate feeling this way...since I am living in my apartment building feeling the same way.. I need some sort of people contact.. And here is nothing here..

Not to say I don't have any friends here on blogger.. I have 2 where on Multiply,, I had loads. ....

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm so confussed.........

I'm still confussed about this site.. It is sure not friendly to some of us... Like me ...How to use this site??  I need help.. I suppose you tube can help me.

Monday Morning, I'm so glad for it. I'm living in Seattle,WA and sometimes I feel I am living on a desserted Island.  I have lived in this City since May of 2010 and have not found anyone to chum around with.  All these people walking around, going to work, walking with those little pods in their ears, looking down at their phones, or ipods, not looking up.  In their own world, listening to some sort of music, or Texting while walking ... almost slamming into people,, and not saying sorry.  Just keeps on walking... looking down.. till they come to the corner and still not looking up.. keeps walking and ......

Ok.. so I need people in my life.  This seems like Prison to me. Is this what prison feels like.???  Well, not totally prison. You ask the reason for this loneliness... OK, I will tell you its partly due to saving money.  My need right now is to save money.  And let me tell you.. Its the hardest thing for me to do with what little moeny I have.  My Social Security is not that much, and Companies are not knocking DOWN my door to hire me.   So when I receive  it, I pay myself first,  Then I pay my Bills,,  The rest is saved for the Move. 

The Move... For so long I have wanted to move to Florida.. For so long,, that has been my desination.  But,,, the more I read about Florida.. And it was soo far away.... And I only have till the end of the year to figure this out.... OK.. So I figured it out....

So let me go back to before I left Reno,NV.  When I thought about moving after I recieved my Housing Voucher.  I started looking for an apartment or a small cottage in and around Reno.  I thought I found an apartment, but they did not accept The Housing Voucher.  So, kept looking. I had decided to look near Reno into Sparks,NV for a place.  And I just could not find anything.  Go That was in 2009.  Then I started thinking about Florida. And also another State.. Washington.  The City I that I thought to live in Florida was Pensacola,, And the City I was thinking about in Washington was Seattle.  I chose Seattle.  And thought ..well, if I didn't like it here I could just head on down to Florida.  And that was my thoughts till about 2 weeks back.  There are so many things happening in Florida.  By this time the City I choose changed to Clearwater.  but the more I read about Clearwater, St Petersburge, and Tampa Bay.. it scared me.  So much Crime. Yes there is a lot of crime here also.  And whats going on with the bicycles??  And cars ???  So many cars not seeing the bicyclists.. and killing them.. I was thinking of getting a bicycle... but after reading about all the deaths.. Well forget about it... So,, I started looking around Sparks,NV.  again.. I thought, maybe things have changed. I found 2 places that are Section 8 friendly.  One on the outskirts of Reno, in the suburbs called .... Sun Valley.  I had lived there before.. I can tell you.. there are lots and lots of Mobil Homes..

So there are now 2 Apartments I am looking at. The first one is located not to far from a good friend.  There are lots of Shopping around. Since I don't have a car any longer I need that close by.   And this apartment is close to Sun Valley, and Transportation, and a Grocery Store and a Petco,where I can go buy Jenny's food.  OH. and they offer a washer and dryer. Which that alone would save me money...

The other Apartment is in Sparks,NV.  Now this one is my Favorite.. but, I have to think of the whole picture and how well it will work for me.  So here is what that apartment has to offer me.  An apartment so close to the Sparks Marina that I could walk across the road to it.. and walk around it.  A bus stop right in front of the complex. I also have 2 friends who live very near this apartment and also there is the Western Village Casino right across the street.. Hum.. dinner out there would be nice every so often..  Sorry, no washer or dryer offered here at this place.  But,, the Marina.. Water.. it has always been the Magnet for me.  Now what I have to figure.. is the rent. I just thought of... I need to compair the two..

Saturday, August 11, 2012


What can I say.. I went to Safeway for another week of food.. I already had those Chicken wings. But still had to get something to put over them.  Bev my friend told me about what she puts on hers.  Taco mix.. yep.. or Fajita mix So I decided to try the Taco Mix.. And well, I couldn't figure out what to do.. I called her by skype, but it Saturday... and she doesn't do the Internet on Saturdays.  So, I just did what I thought.. and drudged them in the stuff.. and put them in the oven and let them go...

I must say.. they turned out very taste.. but I think I needed to dunk them in some sort of hot sauce... Right?  because they were not HOT.. OH,, well,,, they were really really goooood...

So that was my Saturday. Not very exciting. but that's OK..  

Friday, August 10, 2012

My thoughts on Walking.

I don't know.. I guess I have to buy into blogger to customize my site here??  I am really lost.. Or am I wrong in thinking this?  I read someones blog yesterday and they were saying that they were going to blog for a whole month which actually should train you into blogging all the time.

I thought Hum.. now that is interesting.. Wonder if I could do this?  Would I have things interesting to say??  After all, I'm not working, I don't do much any more.. And I know I should.. There is an advertisement that says.. Sitting is bad,where getting up and moving is Good.. The doughnut roll around me is not looking so pretty.... I can't run,, but I can walk. 

When I first move to Seattle, I walked everywhere that was close enough,, till I found there was a bus that drove right past the Downtown Library.  And well.. that is when I stopped walking.  I had lost 7 pounds............!!!!  Then I became lazy.. I was even walking home from work, which was a long walk.. But, I loved it because I walked home a different way each time.  And I took lots of pictures.  I guess I should start walking again... Jenny Craig takes me for a walk and we walk right around 3-4 blocks... I need to walk further.. I should pick a place,, walk there and back.. I even walked from my Physical Therapist on Marion in Capital Hill home and that was a long ways .... In a medical boot.  I was totally spent that night..but I guess I felt pretty good later on..

So today is # 1 ...Lets see how well I can do this.. hahaaaa.. I know me..but you never know... we will see...