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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2009-02-27 - Google+

2009-02-27 - Google+

Hope this comes out.. I have been going through all my photos.. and this one is so cute of Jenny

Its not working.. will delete afterwhile.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is Your Name?

OK,,, So, I'm going to talk about names.. Peoples names... What is your name? Hello My name is Barbara... No.. Not Barb.. Barbara.... Hi.. My name is.... Well.. You know.. I had a friend named Labrada, and all the years I knew her I respected her enough to not call her Brady,,, I called her by her given name. Labrada.. And she always called me Barbara.. She was very meticulous about it.. As I was about her name. 

Now if by chance we were talking.. You and me,, and I said.. Oh.. go ahead and call me Barb.. That would give you the go ahead and call me Barb... But,,I don't do that, because I do not ..nor have I ever liked my name to be Butchered.. OH.. don't get me wrong. I have friends I have known for a very long time and they are allowed to call me Barb.. Only because .. we are very good friends.. and that is just how it is with us. 

Now for a Stranger to just look at my name.. and assume I wanted to be called Barb.. is not good.. Well, its not good in my eyes anyway. I just hate it when someone I don't know starts calling me Barb.. And I feel funny when I have to tell them that Barb is not my name. Well.. they look at me funny and say. Oh.. I thought your name was Barbara.???? I say.. Yes it is.. Its Barbara.. And that is how I like to be called. LOL.. 

So all my goooood friends that call me Barb... thats OK.. and all my New Friends.. I want to be called to your Dinner ... Hahaaa.. I just hope you all understand me.. and how I look at it.. What is your name? And I will call you by your God Given Name.. But, if by chance you have a nick name.. let me know that you prefer that to your God Given Name. And I will use it from that time on..