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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Am I mean to have said this???

I so dislike when someone thinks out loud... I was walking Jenny earlier this afternoon when this guy who was sitting at the outside tables of a bar,said... Boy,, what an Ugly Dog.... and laughed.. I then responded back at him with" Have you taken a Mirror and looked at you"...... LOL.. Now was that not nice of me???? Hahaaa.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Picture Perfect ---Spooky

So I guess I want to share my picture perfect...and here is mine.. I hope this is what I'm suppose to do.. let me know please....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Its been a nice day today

As was yesterday although yesterday it kinda rained a bit.. I do have some pictures while Jenny and I were on our walk.. I have to remember to only walk Jenny on shorter walks sometimes... She really didn't want to walk a long way yesterday.. So, I had to carry her most of the way.

But, I got these shots.  We have some old building here in Seattle.. here is one..This is actually a shot of the 2 Leo the Lions in front of a really old building that MGM Studios had in the 1930's.. They made movies in this building and the building around the corner..

The Moore Theater has been around a long time..They say its and they have tours.  Now this other building ..Look at how tall.. I had to lean up against another building to take this shot... and then I got dizzy....LOL..

I walked today to my friends shop who are going out of business.. and Carol just gave me these.. does anyone know how these were made and what they are made out of???? Your going to be very surprised....LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm beginning to Love these walks.

Jenny and I took our walk today, so we started out at 1st and Virginia St up Virginia and when we got to 6th we turned right, toward Pike St.. But, when we got to Stewart St we crossed the street. Hotel Max is right there, and as were walking past the Hotel, there were 2 women that were giving out free coffee or tea to anyone that wanted a cup. Wow.. I took a Hot Cup of Green Tea, and It sure was yummy.. Now I guess that box of green tea I had, that I gave away.. I will have to buy another box.. I loved the taste.. 

We then walked up to 7th Ave and made a right walked to Pike St and then walked down Pike. You know we were at 6th and Pike and .. there was this woman who decided to walk the red light.. And You know what?? if she were a step short.. she would have got hit by this truck that was making a left hand turn onto 6th Ave.... I bet she felt the cold of the bumper... LOL.. She was late for work at The Loft.... I'm pretty sure... We continued on and got home safe and sound... It was a great walk...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recipe for Carnitas | The Frugal Chef

Recipe for Carnitas | The Frugal Chef

I had always wondered how they got the meat so crispy.. and here The Frugal Chef shows you how to do it..

Monday, October 15, 2012

Look What I got...

So excited when I walked into the Community Room after walking Jenny Saturday morning... Richard was in there and we got to talking and I was standing looking at everything in the room.. But never thought to look behind me, where there was a wall, and against that wall was this....

Its a Room Divider I at first put it against the wall..behind my sofa.. but then I decided to use it as what it was .. A Room Divider.. I love it.. I almost think it came from Ikea.. but not sure..  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Short Road Trip Next Month

Got a facebook message from my friend Sherry who lives in Auburn,WA. She has planned out a day trip.. around a 4 hour driving trip... So, here it is...

I-15 towards La Conner, then West to Deception Pass, then head South thru Oak Harbor and head to the Ferry to Edmonds and then Home....,+Seattle,+WA&daddr=Deception+Pass+State+Park,+Oak+Harbor,+WA&geocode=FUl71gIdQTO1-ClD5DktTRWQVDF-6ArnOKanDQ%3BFUyJ4gId7pmw-CFfpeFfZ80soym1Zz20rnyFVDFfpeFfZ80sow&aq=0&oq=19&sll=48.410745,-122.630939&sspn=0.054238,0.165482&vpsrc=6&hl=en&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=48.189895,-122.692566&spn=0.871581,2.647705&t=m&z=9 

Hope this comes out.. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I spoke to 2 people today

I almost feel invisible sometimes.  I suppose its my fault, I could go somewhere to meet people,, but I don't.. I have walked Jenny 2 times already, and the second time was when I got to talk to someone.. 

Jenny loves to walk down to the Thailand Junkie and gets sooo excited seeing her friends.  Well, in a few weeks time they will not be there any more.  They are closing their cute little shop. 

I can't find the picture of that shop.. darn.. anyway.. I guess I'm just feeling sad .. and why am I doing this??? It was a beautiful day out today..Sunshine all day long.. still had to wear a light sweater though.. but, I think I'm such a people person.. I am feeling not good..

Oh.. well.. its just something I needed to get off my

Friday, October 5, 2012

Had a Great day Yesterday...

I went to Nogales High School in La Puente,CA. It is a small Hispanic Community about 15 miles outside of Los Angeles.  When my family and I moved there I was in the 4th grade, and continued all the way to High School, but life got in the way and my Parents separated.

So, I was pulled out of La Puente High School and we my Mother, a very young brother and sister and I moved to Whittier,CA.  where I attended Sierra High School for the second year of High School.  My parents got back together and we then moved back to La Puente. Where we found a house near another High School in La Puente, it was Nogales, I was new again,, its just not far for a young girl to go to 3 different High Schools and be a newby.. But, I survived.... found friends and continued on to Graduation.  That was in 1966

On Facebook I joined a group called "You know your from La Puente when"... And have connected to lots of friends from both La Puente High School, and Nogales High School.  

I found that several of those people live right here in Washington. And not that far from me.  So after talking and laughing one woman who lives in Auburn,WA and I got together yesterday for the day of exploring a part of Washington I had never seen before. Since I don't have my car any longer...its tough exploring ...

I must say.. by the time We met down at Pikes Place Market, till the time she let me out of her car.. we never once stopped Sherry picked me up at 11am and dropped me off at 3pm.. Nothing like 2 women talking for 4 hours straight...LOL.. my voice was scratchy... and I was losing my voice...LOL.. Had one great time and took a few Photos.. 

We went up to Salish Lodge,, And it was just so beautiful up there... Then we drove around and got to Renton,WA and she said.. OH.. I know where we can have Lunch...and she took me to the same place my Cousin took me when she came to visit me the first year I moved here...2010..LOL,, How funny was that???  

Today??? I'm recovering...LOL.. I'm sore.. from sitting in that car.. OH. Its a great car.. but.. my legs are really hurting.. cramping.. and just plain tired.. Will just take it easy today..

But, Next Month We Will Have Another Excellent Adventure...LOL..Hahaaa,, Yep.. Sherry and Barbara's Excellent Adventures... More to come.....