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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting things in Order

Since I am moving in December either at the end of the month or anytime after I receive my Housing Voucher, I have to get someone to help with the heavy lifting of furniture. So someone told me about a few places that would help.

So, I started looking and on Facebook one of my friends told me about the Mormons and the young boys have to do service work to finish up their Mission. So I looked online to see where I should call, and got hold of someone in the church in Utah I think anyways... LOL.. He gave me a phone number here in Tacoma. And I held onto that phone number till yesterday,when I thought I should call to see if they could help. Only when I dialed the number, it came back as a disconnected number.  So I had to start all over again. Someone told me to call Deseret Industries, so I did and they gave me a phone number to call, which I did... and got hold of a woman who was in a meeting and would give me a call after the meeting to give me the phone number where they could help me.

I hung up and finally this morning I got a phone call from that woman, she said she was so sorry to get back to me so late.. but that was fine I know how things are. She gave me a phone number so now I called them. Now am waiting for a call back from that number. LOL.. It is a process isn't it?  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Almost Midnight ...

I have been watching You Tube all day long. Trying to figure out Google+.  Now why can't I figure it out?  Really confusing.  I have all my photos over there and I like that.  But, I have to figure out how it all works.

Has anyone else had a problem with it?  Or as usual it must be me... LOL..

Since I have a Roku Device, I am able to watch You Tube Streaming through my TV. It really makes it easier for me to watch and follow the program... but still its a bit confusing... But there are still things on  there that I really like. Just have to figure out how its done.. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What is a true Friendship.

Friendship is not a contest. And that is what ws told to me after she walked down the hallway.  "All That I Have Done For You". Is that what you tell your Friends?

How do you think they would feel after you told them this?  "All You Have Done For make me feel and look like a Bully.  I was told to choose my Battles. And I should have left that friendship alone after the first break up.  Now I feel like a Fool for all the things I had done while in this friendship.  I was a Marionette... To this person,, I have no idea why I became this other person.. I suppose it was because I was a bit lonely for a friend.. I hadn't found that friend in Seattle, and then after moving to Tacoma, I met this woman that was from Southern California and we just clicked as friends.  But, there was something about her that I would dismiss.  Things she would do or didn't do.  She would do and say things and then forget that she did them.... She would get a bit wired at times.  Then she wanted to go sit in the Social Room and she would sit looking toward the Lobby to see who came into the building, She would want me to turn around to see who this person or that person coming in was.  She would make horrible remarks on lots of these people. Now why did I stay friends with her?  I have no idea, only that she was a friend and I was accepting her as she was.  At one time I told her that I didn't care who it was that walked into the building.  I was not interested. Then there were times that she was talking about something and when something would catch my eye and I would look away beyond her. She would get really upset, and say,,,Well if you don't want to listen to me then you can go home.  Once I did that and that was the first time I stopped talking to her.  She told me that, I then just got up and walked away, and stopped talking to her for a few months, then one day as I was walking Jenny, Jenny wanted to walk over to where Von was, She really missed her. So we started the friendship up again.  It only lasted.... 4 weeks, before she started acting funny again.  I cannot speculate as to why she was this way. But I do know that she takes a pill to sleep and it is actually for depression I think. And so it is.. I will not be treated in such a manner.  Even though she started something I was the one that did the deeds.. I was the one that was a follower... I wanted a friendship so bad, that I Jeopardized my HousingAnd that is not what I wanted to happen.

So what do I do?  After making a total fool of myself, do I go apologize? Or just leave it alone ? Or do I go talk to the Manager about all this?  I know I will be leaving this apartment at the end of the year.  But I want to leave with the feeling of not being the Bully they think I am. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Drama in the Social Room

We have a social room, we have a game room where there are lots and lots of tables and chairs and even one table that is made for card games. So why are those women going into the Social Room and bringing in a tape and turning it up full blast?? What is the purpose of this?? Let me know.!!!!!! Von and I could not go in due to them listening to the loud music and they were sitting right by the double doors to the social room. There were people walking by and wondering why the music was so loud. No one went in. Which kept everyone out, even those that wanted to watch TV. 

Finally there was Gale who had got up from the table and walked to the information board just outside the double doors and finally I was able to ask her to please turn the music down. We, Von and I were sitting in the lobby.. But a few minutes later that Josephine (male/female) got up and turned it up .. What a bugger she is.. So, today I got on my laptop and wrote a letter and tomorrow will be handing it over to the Office After all that is what they require when there is something that a Tenant is unhappy about something. I wonder if the said letter is ever placed in the person you are complaining about File???? Wouldn't that be something.. LOL.. Just like at work.. Hahahaaaa.

We have been having problems with Josephine ever since we moved in. both of us. This person does not like dogs. She knew there were dogs before she moved in. What was she expecting? That we would just not have our dogs with us?? How about those people that have Companion dogs or Service Dogs?? Does she yell at them to get out of the Social Room because she is allergic to dogs??? Good God.. Crazy is what I think she is...

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Trip to The Emerald Queen Casino

So my friend Von and I decided to go to The Emerald Casino. I had been there one other time and really it was not impressive. Smoked filled making our clothes smell horrible. And the machines are hungry.. they eat your money faster than any I have ever played at in Las Vegas or Reno,NV.  Thieves as far as I can say....

So after educating Von about how to find a machine and to let her know that they all are Reel games.  Which made her very upset. How exciting are these?? They aren't. You just sit there pushing a button. Mindless Machines I would think. So after depositing our $20.00 in about 5 minutes. We decided to go upstairs and have the Buffet. And well.. at least I haven't gotten sick on what they had for lunch.  LOL..

We then left and drove to Costco and had a very fun time in there.  What a day.. OH Well.. We at least got away from this place for a while.

Barbara's Thoughts: Surprise... I am back..

Barbara's Thoughts: Surprise... I am back..: I know its been a very long time since I have been on here. I have just thought I never had anything good to say. I was just blogging about...

Surprise... I am back..

I know its been a very long time since I have been on here. I have just thought I never had anything good to say. I was just blogging about me. And I suppose that is what this blog is all about. About what I am doing where I am going and what I am wanting to do.. Who has touched my life one way or another.  I finally decided to get back on.

I am watching Blogger Tutorial step by step How to blog.. LOL.. I want to know more about this than what I know. Which is not a whole lot .... After all after being on Yahoo 360 and then Multiply,,, which I was kinda not knowing anything about that site. and lost almost all my photos on there. Because I was slow in getting there and snatching them out of there.

I have moved from Seattle,WA to Tacoma,WA and I thought it was not fun in Seattle, I really do miss Seattle, but I can not go back. I need to go forward. And so since I moved to Tacoma almost a year back. I am now on the outlook of moving on the other side of this state.  Spokane.  I have a very dear friend who lives there and she has been wanting me to move there for 7 years now. I figured I would move there and if I don't like it. I can just find somewhere else to go.  I am a Gypsy after all.. LOL.. But one day I better think of staying somewhere long enough to die.. Hahaaa..

OK so I now am glad I have come back. After all Karyn has come back.  OK, then. It is very late. Better get to bed I am headed to The Emerald Queen tomorrow for a bit of Gambling and Lunch with a friend.. crossing my fingers I win or bring what I took home. Instead of losing it to them .... Heheheeee...