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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a Fun time I had Monday.

I found the most beautiful apartment.  My friend Sherry and I had a very nice tour of this apartment.  

Its got everything...Since its a Brand New Building.. Its got...

A Game Room, Beauty Salon, Movie Theater, Sun Decks, there are 2 of those....,,Computer Room, Mini Mart, Mail Room,,, Billiards Room.. Exercise Room,,, Library Room....  And each Apartment has

Brand New Appliances, ,,Microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and.............Washer and Dryer... can't get any better than that..

And they are now working on getting a Shuttle for everyone.... That would be GREAT since I don't have a Car,,, and the bus stop is a block and a half away.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Friends.....Going Away... One Way Or Another

When I moved to Reno,NV. for the second time in November 2004.  I thought I had a place to live for at least 3 weeks.  I met another woman who was applying for the same job, since The Circus Circus Hotel Casino was looking for many people to work in Retail.

Carolyn had laminated her Social Security Card. It is against the United States Law to do that. So she had to go to The Social Security Office and apply for another one AND bring it back before the offices closed at 5 PM.  She did not drive, and it would have taken to long by bus. I told her that I would drive her there and back. She was thankful for this offer.  We got there. She got another SS card, and took the paperwork back to the Retail office.

As I was driving we talked. She asked me where I lived. I told her I had driven in from Elko,NV. for this job.  And that I had to go back and close up the Apartment there.  But I still hadn't gotten a place in Reno to live. She then offered me one of her bedrooms till I got my first Paycheck.  I should have given her my cell phone number, as she gave me hers.. When I finally got everything done, and drove back to Reno. I called Carolyn and found out she couldn't have me at her place at all.  OH.. NO.. what am I going to do??

The first night was very hard to find a motel.  The second night I found one, but it was God Sent to me.. I knew there was a motel on Center St and 2nd St.  So I left my car around the corner. And walked there and went into the office. I told him that I needed a place to stay and wondered if he had a room. I was very truthful to him. He allowed me to stay there the night for FREE.  Can't get any better than that.

So, I eventually had to go to the Reno/Sparks Gospel Union.  I went in with my tail tucked behind me. I was so embarrassed to be there,,, But, they did help me find a place to sleep for the Month.  We got breakfast in the morning and by the end of it. We had to leave and we were on our own.. That is what the Homeless has to deal with. I was just happy I had a car to be in. So sad to know there were women there that didn't have anything.   I did this for 2 weeks, and the last week, I walked into St Vincent de Paul

Stood in line and when it was my time to talk to the person, he found out I was working, but had no place to live. He sent me inside to talk to someone about getting me a Motel for a week. Now God must have been working for me hard. I don't normally thing that way.. but I suppose it was that way.

I was given that Motel which was walking distance to my work.  And one of the women that worked with me told me about the Apartment she lived at. Courtyard Centre Apartments.

That was the day I met Labrada McGraw.  She had me fill out the paperwork for a studio apartment. And she said come back on Dec 13th. I got my first pay check that day.  And after getting that first Pay check.. I drove over there and she got me into that apartment.  We became friends.

That was in 2004.  Today I just found out she is really sick.  She always said she Hated Doctors. And never went to them. And she has been a heavy smoker for as long as I have known her... She decided to retire this year. And is moving in with her Daughter who lives in Redding. My friend Patrick told me this morning about how much weight she has lost.  She already was thin.. Now he said she looks awful.. So, I can't tell her I know about her weight loss.. I can only talk to her over the phone and maybe I should ask for her Daughters phone number because you never know if at any time she may lose her cell phone.. I want her Daughters phone number... and that is all there is to it.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

test for Picture Perfect


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Lets see if this worked....