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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How can I think of liking where I live.

Before I moved to this apartment complex, I started having second thoughts.  I kinda knew after looking online and google maping where things were. And I went ahead and moved in anyways.

Now I want to know in my mind why I did that?  Why knowing that there were no grocery stores in walking distance, or anywhere to walk Jenny in a somewhat safe area.  I knew I should have said NO Thank You.. But, that is what love does to

Yes.. I fell in love with what this apartment had to offer.  I let loose the thought of "How am I suppose to buy groceries"?  Where are all the birds?  No one walks around here.  I lived in Seattle,where everyone walked, somewhere.

So, I am sad to say.. I don't love it here any more.  But, I'm hoping I can get over to the Humanity Store.  I want to check it out. Find out if I would like volunteering or not.  And I am going to take a little ride on Friday to The Emerald Queen Casino.  Even if I just spend $20.00 and walk around and have a free lunch . I think that would be good.. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

I Received a Message about Labrada

She died yesterday, Thursday, sometime.  And today as I was at the Grocery Outlet and then decided to go have lunch, I walked into this Burger Joint called Patty's Diner.

I walked in.. and was so surprised.. It was just like Mel's Diner in Reno,NV.  Now I have to tell you about The Sands Hotel Casino...

I had tried and tried getting a job there. Never happened, though playing the slots, or having breakfast or lunch or Dinner there was what I did, with Labrada.  We would walk down there, since I lived a block away, and she lived 2 blocks away.

We would gamble, but Labrada always spent a lot more money than I did. I could not win, so my money always fed the slots..LOL.. We would eventually go into Mel's Diner and have a meal.. the music was the 50's and 60's, and we were able to put quarters in the small juke box at our table to play our favorite music. It was great.

And so as I walked into this small replica of Mel's Diner.. I sat down and started crying.  I ordered a burger and fries and The Real Thing... Hahaha.. I will always call it that.. I hardly drink sodas any more.. so it sure does taste good...

I ate, and then left and got on the bus back home.  I then got a message from my friend Patrick who lives in Reno, who got a message from Labrada's Daughter that she had died yesterday.  It was so funny.. in a way anyway.. that as I sat there weeping, I got on my phone and texted Patrick about how I am crying and all.. He told me to be happy that Mel's Diner was a great place we went to ..

At that time I had no idea she had died.. But, I have been weepy all day long,, and when I got that Text from Patrick .. I just was so sad..

So, This is the first friend of mine that has died.  I think I'm taking it OK.. a little weeping is fine.. and I'm sure I will be OK in the morning.. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Very Good News....

I'm exhausted.. Just returned from all the business of the day. First had to be at The Tacoma Housing by 10 Am.. got there 15 minutes early.. signed in and let the front end people know who I was there for, with an appointment.

The Good news is.. my rent went down to $165.00,, LOL.. And as I was walking out of that office.. I was doing a dance...LOL..And everyone at the front desk started laughing... I'm glad this old lady can make someone Then I stopped off at Social Services and my food stamps went down by $10.00. Do I care?? not really.. Not in the least. And then after walking from 47th St. and S.Lawrence St, giving the news and paperwork to the Office,, and then walking around to check my mail. "You Have Mail"... LOL.. 

It was from Tacoma Public Utilities ..Customer Solutions. I had sent them back the paperwork that they sent me when I first moved in. Just to see if they would give me a discount on my Utilities.. And they will.. So its 30% of the total Monthly Bill.. And I won't know what that will be till I get my first Electric Bill.. They even said I would get a discount on Cable.. But,, I think I already get that. I am going to the office later on to find out if that would be applied ... Pretty Cool.. I would think.....Even if the weather is sooo Cold.. Its 1:39 PM and it feels like its 25 degrees.. Sooo Cold...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Friend Labrada McGraw

I had moved to Ocean Springs,Mississippi in Feb 2004. for a job. Actually it was to help out those that worked in the Reservations Department for the Hotel Casino I worked for in Reno,NV.  I found the South.. Deep South just couldn't take a that is not it.. My Boss from Boomtown Hotel Casino thought something had to happen, since Corporate had decided to put all the Reservation down in Biloxi,Mississippi.  And of course that was the wrong thing to do, since those people down there had no idea about anything in and around Reno,Nv.  Nor were they educated on any of the other Hotel Casino's in any other place that was owned by Pennicale Entertainment.  The Reservationest would make a Guests stay in one Hotel, and put them in another Hotel We were more busy with fixing their messes.. That the General Manager to the Hotel Casino wondered if there was anyone that would go down there and try education them.  I asked to be sent down there. Of course .... I had to go down on my own, I drove down there knowing I had no where to live. I couldn't find anywhere to rent... and no one there would help me find        anything. Finally I had had enough of their Southern Ways.. and gave my 2 week notice.

I left Mississippi in July 5 months after I got there. After being brought into the Managers Office every single week.. I think I had had enough so that was it. I left on a Saturday.  I arrived at my Sisters house that she was sharing with her boyfriend. They had an extra bedroom. And I found another job in Elko,NV.  I lived in Elko from July till the middle of November or maybe it was right about Thanksgiving. I drove down to Reno,NV and applied for a job with Circus Circus, and was hired right then and there, I told them I had to go back to Elko and move my stuff out of the apartment I was renting.

1 week into working for the Hotel, one of the women I worked with told me about the Apartment she was renting and it was only 3 blocks away. I got the address, and drove over there on my day off.. At this time I was homeless.. I was sleeping at this beautiful Old Home that a woman owned and made sure the homeless women had a place to sleep.  I was one of those 8 women.  One night as we all got to bed, the door opened and one of the women that was in charge asked me and another woman if they could give our beds to a young mother and her 3 children. I was then walked around into the Old Home and I got to sleep inside and I was just thrilled.  Anyway.. I'm getting away from my story.

I went to this Apartment that that woman told me about. I went in and there was Labrada.  She was the Leasing Agent.  I told her that I was there because I needed an apartment. She had me fill out one of their forms everyone has to fill out. And then she showed me an apartment it was just a Studio, but shoot, it was a nice one .. I filled out the application, and that was it. After working for 3 Weeks, I finally got my first Paycheck. and I then drove back to the apartment and found that I had the apartment,  Labrada was so happy to see me. I gave her the money to move in and we became good friends..

for the past week or so, I had been hearing things about Labrada, She and I spoke by phone a few weeks back, and only for 2 or 3 minutes.. she had to hang up.  I told her I loved her ..and that was the last time I spoke to her.  I had tried and tried calling her Daughter, but always got her voicemail.. I finally called my friend Bobby and he finally gave me the right phone number. I have been transposing numbers lately.. for some silly reason..... I finally called her Daughter today and found that Labrada is on her Death Bed.  She has Brain Cancer.  And may not live the weeks end.. It has made me so sad.  She was such a different type of a friend.. sometimes I thought she was the best friend ever and then there were times I wondered why I had her as a friend.. But, mostly it was good thoughts.   But through thick and thin.. I kept her as a friend..

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Having a really Bad Day...

You know what Killed it for me??? When I came to this apartment complex to sign all the papers for the one years lease. And as Bonnie and I were walking to my new apartment Sharon 2 came up to her and demanded Bonnie's attention. Bonnie told her that she was busy working. Sharon 2 did not care.. She still Demanded Bonnie's attention,,Sharon 2 didn't care that I was standing there waiting for her to either turn around and go back to her apartment or go to the Office and wait for Bonnie,,,

Bonnie told her that she would get back to her after she was finished here.. Sharon 2 didn't care one bit... So, she started walking with us.. to my apartment. I became so unsure of it all.. I almost turned around and said to forget about it. I was not ready for this type of behavior.. Not one bit...

Then we turned down toward my apartment, while Sharon 2 was STILL Yapping about some stupid thing.. I was not listening. THEN.......Sharon 1 came out of her apartment.....And You could not believe the EXCITEMENT on her face when she was introduced to me... Saying OH.. now I have 2 little dogs.. and they can sometimes be a pest and bark.. but don't pay any attention to them???????????? What?? I told her that I had a dog as well But She Did not Bark.... She (Sharon 1) said.. Well.. all dogs Bark.... Yes i said.. but not just because ... Dogs bark because of some reason....

Bonnie and I got into the Apartment,,, Bonnie Thanked me for telling Sharon 1 about the barking, and told me that if at any time her dogs were a pest and started barking and got our of control.. just come to the office and write her up... So I have done that.. But who knows what will happen because the Assistant Manager told me that there has to be another person who is also bothered about the barking...???????

So, it has been about 3 weeks now that I have lived here. Everyone has been asking me how I like it here.. Well, other than it being a Brand New Apartment.. which I do love,, only wish it were in a different place ,, closer to transportation...and Maybe not a snooping woman who lives next door to me... I would most likely Love it here... But right now.??? Today.. I'm hating it... I need Milk, and some other things and I need to go to the Grocery Store.. Safeway is 2 Miles up on 38th St.. do I have enough energy to walk it? That would be a 4 mile walk.. Just for Milk.. I wonder if there is a Gas Station that is close enough that sells stuff?? will have to google it..

And now ... In the Bathroom in the Tub area there are no safety bars to hold on to while your getting out of the Tub... So I thought I would go ask for them after walking Jenny Craig.. and this is what the Assistant Manager told me.... I would have to buy them.. or have them buy them and have Maintenance install them.???????? I would have thought since this is a Senior Citizen Apartment,, that all the Tub/Shower area would have them on anyway... But,, not this place... I will go look for them and see what the price is. It wouldn't cost the Maintenance Man anything to install them if I buy them myself.. Only if they bought them would I have to pay for them.. I'm totally Shocked.......... Now, How should I feel??? what would you do?? I already told the Assistant Manager that I am not Happy here. And she understands really well,, because of the reception I received when I got here by those 2 women...That she understands really well.. and did say she was sorry...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This Happened yesterday ...January 11th...

It was only suppose to be a short walk to Marlene's to pick up a few things for the Quinoa Tabbouleh I wanted to make tonight.. 

But, since Marlene's did not have an Cucumbers..not a one.. I was told where there was a Grocery Store... Yep.. The guy said it would take about 20 minutes to walk there.. depends on how you walk I guess.. lol.. I finally found it.. It is so cold today, I had not thought of putting my hat on. I froze half way there.

You ask how far I walked ??? It was 1.5 miles. And I think I just fell in love with a Grocery Store.. Yep.. I can not believe they had Texas Grapefruits for only.....39 cents EACH!!!!!!! and the Cucumbers??? .79 cent each... Whoo whoo... !!!!!

I decided to take the bus back home but had to make a detour just to do that.. Had to take the 57 up a few blocks, then the bus driver stopped in front of a small hospital and told me to walk across the street and wait for the bus there.. same number going the opposite way...It got me to the Tacoma Mall Stop.. I waited for the 53 or 3 bus and I'm home now.. I really don't feel like I have walked that far.. but it was... I must be getting use to it...

Another day of walking.

I have 2 knives that really needed to be sharpened. So I had been trying find where I could take them. I thought well, Maybe Sears would have a sharpening station.. Nope, Home Depot?? NOPE.. Lowe's NOPE,,, Excalibur a small knife shop in the Tacoma Mall has one.. So I took off this morning again.. walking...LOL..

Found the place, and left the knives with the woman to be picked up on Monday. I then decided shoot I have nothing else to do,, Might as well check this Mall out. The first time I walked through it I wanted to find somewhere to eat and knew they had a Food Court.. So off I walked.. There is a Company that sells Teas, and Tea Pots.. and I have been getting their emails from time to time.. can't recall the name.. darn... Anyway, I went in and this young woman served me several types of teas.. that I think I want to buy.. but not before I get a bit more money.. They were sooo yummy...

But, had to leave after a young woman came up to me asking me if I needed any help.. I was just helped and then left to myself to look around. When I saw her.. I became a bit ill.. She had piercings alllll over her face.. all around her face, her nose, her lips,, her ears.. and the Tattoo's were everywhere. I don't know.. It just made me feel horrible.. And that is what I said.. that I had to leave due to her face.. Was I wrong? OH.. I know there are young people that do this type of thing... But she was way over board.. I never thought of taking her picture.. I am sure she would not have liked that... But,, I'm sure I was the most rude person that came in.. due to the fact ..I spoke my mind.. and maybe should not have... OH.. Well..

I kept walking and saw a sign that said Len's Crafters. I went looking for them... I really do need a new pair of glasses... I went in after this young man opened the door for myself and another lady and when he saw me just standing there and looking around,, he asked if he could help me. I am going to get my eyes examined on the 4th of Feb and if I didn't have my Medicare,, it would have cost me $102.00, but because I have my Medicare, and that there is another test that Medicare won't pay for and only costs about $37.00 I said OH.. Thank You...... So, excited.. And with these people I can get my glasses done in one day... Yippee... Another day at the Mall.. Hahaaaa... That was my walk.. Another long walk.. I'm getting use to walking.. Although.. I do think I need a new pair of Shoes.. My right foot is really hurting.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jenny Craig's Day in the new Apartment

So.. everyone has been asking me how Jenny Craig likes living in the new apartment.. Well.. I really don't know.. but this is what she has been doing. 

I look for her in her bed.. she is not there. I look all over the place.. and there she is sitting next to the couch.. Just sitting.. then one time she is laying in front of the sofa table that holds the TV.. Just laying there.. Like she is loving the feel of the Carpet.. Then one day I found her in the Bedroom.. Now she knows the only time we go in there is in the evening when I say... Bedtime.. Then she runs in there.. But lately I have found her just laying there or sitting there.. Funny.. she is just loving the Carpet I guess..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finally Heard From Seattle Housing

And let me just say... They had to swallow their pride...for sure...And take care of their problems... After all this time.. they had thought I was absorbed by Reno,NV. Housing Authority.. and because of the mistake they made.. I had been absorbed by them.. and they hadn't even known it.. Pretty sad ....

That David who works for the Porting Department in Seattle Housing called me today and told me that he would be sending my File to Tacoma Housing in a day or 2.. And he thought I still lived in Seattle.. and he said.. well, since it is the 7th of January.. why not get you moved out of your current place on Feb 1st??  Where was his ears when I told him last week that I had ALREADY Moved to the new apartment?????   I do believe they are way to over worked.. and will still be over worked since they have restructured themselves.. Sad I moved from the water.. But Glad I don't have to deal with those people any more....

I'm sure by the end of the week, I should know what my rent will be here at the new place.. Its usually 30% of my total income.  plus.. they allow for the Electric I will be paying for.  And the apartment building is charging $15.00 per month for a pet rent.. hum.. That is fine.. I can do that.. I am also telling them that I don't want their Cable ..since it is an extra $30.00 per month..and well.. I think my internet is right about $29.99 I just don't know if I want to pay all that money out for the Cable that has been in Negotiations with KOMO TV Station in Seattle.. Click cable gets their connections from KOMO and they have to pay KOMO for the transmission... And so because Click would not pay 200% more.. which would make them raise every ones prices here in Tacoma.. they just didn't do anything.. So.. I figure.. there has to be a way I can still watch TV for free.. lol.. I found out I can get a few things and do that.. Connect my laptop to my flat screen TV and then get a wireless keyboard.. and watch TV that is transmitted through my laptop... Is it confusing yet?? LOL.. Sometimes it is for me.... hahaaa

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Did a lot of walking

I really did need to get to the bank. So got bundled up and started my walk.  Never thinking what I was going to do. I walked through the empty lot that is suppose to be 40th St. for some reason no one continued the road. It sure would make it easier for us walkers.. Instead of walking in the mud and wet ground and weeds..

I got to Pine St. And it is a kinda busy street. And there was a lul in the traffic, so took my self across the street. I walked down to 42nd St but should have walked down to 45th St. because I was a bit short to where the Mall was.  So, had the help of a Postal Worker showing me where I needed to walk. What a nice guy...

I was just going to walk through the parking lot of the Mall,but decided to go have a bite to eat, since I had not had Breakfast. Had a great Indian meal.. Yum.. Then had to ask where Wells Fargo was from there. The guy asked  told me to walk that a way...LOL,,,So off I walked,, Now I needed to walk across  the Parking lot before I got to the bank. Did my business, and decided to  go to Petco and buy Jenny Craig some dog food.

From there I walked to The Dollar Store.. and that is where it was interesting.. I had to wait in the middle of at 3 way turn to cross the street.. very scary...You never know what will happen when your so exposed to the traffic..

Got across the street and walked over to the Dollar Store.. walked out of there and got up to 38th St and down that street to the money-tree to add money to a visa card that I use for all my Bills.  Then walked home... It was about a 2 mile walk..

Someone here told me that I should not walk so much ,, I could make myself sick... I think they are sick by telling me that.. Hahaaa.. Walking never killed anyone unless it was a car that did them in....Hahaaa

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being Professional...

Wednesday January 2nd, 8:03 AM. On the phone with Tacoma Housing, and they tell me that I have to deal with Seattle Housing since it is still up to them to transfer all the paperwork.

I then called David at Seattle Housing, and once he answered his phone,, I just broke down and started crying and told him that it was all my fault.. and DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID? He hung up on me.. So how Professional is that??????? I tried calling him back, he just let it go to voice mail.. I decided to head out to the Bus Stop. Well... it is so very foggy out there. And Icy.... I just thought I would be able to get to the bus stop with no problem.

Haha.. what a thought that was.. I was going to take Jenny with me.. till we took one step off the covered area and almost fell on my Keester... LOL. I was on the phone with Bev Simpson and she told me to take my shoes off and walk in my socks.. I hung up and put another pair of socks on and took Jenny back into the apartment and that was it.. I took a cloth reusable bag with me for my shoes...and walked.. on the icy road all the way to where I was able to put my shoes on. Got to the Bus stop and decided to call David once more. Hoping I would get him.. which I did

He told me to be more professional.. can you believe that??? Me more professional??? Its him that should not have hung up on me. How professional is that???????????????

He told me that when he came into the office this morning his Supervisor was already reading my files.. He will see that there was that problem with Reno... and David said not to worry.. and to just go back home that I did not have to come to Seattle.... How about that??? I risked my life....walking in fog, and Icy conditions to get this done.. and I had to walk back home..

I then spoke to the Rental Office Manager and Assistant Manager, and they both said that if they had to they would start my rent next month and this would be my free month........ I almost fell in love with these 2 young women....LOL..