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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jenny Craig's Pain..

My Poor Jenny Craig... We went to the Vet's and they prescribed pain medication. Every morning, she wakes up and starts screaming till the pain pill I push down her throat goes into effect... Its horrible to hear.. 

I have the GoFundMe site up and running and have not even half the funds for the surgery Her Veterinarian e quoted me, but its getting there.  I know there is another place I can take her that would not cost as much as he quoted, but I don't have a car and to get there it would take 3 buses.

I finally called another Vet that is Mobile..And he will be coming out tomorrow between 12 noon to 3 PM.  I have to find someone else that will do the dental surgery for less. I don't know how much longer I can take Jenny in such pain.

I am sharing this site in hopes there are some that are Dog Lovers and would be willing to help with my Fund.

Thank You

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Exciting Day..

 I thought Jenny's Doctor's Appointment was this morning... So we took off early.. Since she also needed to be walked to do her thing.... I decided to take the bus, so walked up to Jay Blvd.. (its not really a blvd)... Not even close.. just a street.... Anyways.. we walked past Home Depot,, and down Newport Hwy. to the bus stop. For some reason I enjoy picking up the number 25 there instead of the other direction..

Got to Pet Smart inside to Banfield Pet Hospital, only to find.. wrong day... LOL.. so we walked to the bus stop and got back on the bus and got off in front of Home Depot. Walked across the street.. (Jaywalked)

Went into Home Depot to find that spray that will take off dry paint.. Found it.. will go pick some up tomorrow. Then we walked on home.

Once in the apartment, I decided to bring the flat screen TV into the bedroom.. Still getting it all set up for Winter living... Got it all set up.. Everything is working Just fine...

Got my shoes back on and went to pick up bus 26 to the Foot Doctor. I have to say.. It was like Day and Night.. Loved this Doctor, plus his Nurse was Fantastic... Will be using him always.. or for as long as I live in Spokane. lol

Waiting for the number 26 bus was good to learn my patients.. Took forever... I was good... Got home and decided to check for any mail.. The mail lady was just putting mail in the slots.. So I went into the Office..

So here is another good thing that I am so excited about.. OH.. I never said that did I?? Well..... The Manager told me that when I fill out the rent check.. To only make it out for..............................$104.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Sireeeeee... the money I was giving her for the dog deposit?? is being used instead for my Rent.........Yeppy... I am going to save a lot of money . $300.00...... Too excited to sit down.. Hahahaha

Friday, August 29, 2014

Meatless Friday.. LOL

Today my breakfast was Oatmeal, with a slice of toast and peanut butter on it... and a cup of tea..

For Lunch I found a can of black beans, I had 2 cans of Ro*tel I put them together and warmed them up.. I also made from the Avocado's I bought from The Grocery Outlet Store.. and tomatoes.. and made Guacamole,,I have cheese, and onion.. So made Veggie Taco's..

For Dinner .. I will have above but will add Cod to the Taco..

What??? NO MEAT??  Oh.. well..  can't have everything... I ran out of meat sometime back. I have salmon and cod in the fridge.. gonna have to do for the next 4 days.... Living on a very skinny shoestring.... LOL.. but I still have my savings intact..... Hahaha.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Little Quirky LIfe....

All the places I have ever lived has been non smoking.Of course those were enclosed buildings. This is the first Apartment complex that is not enclosed...And the Tenants are allowed to smoke in their apartments.. Only... ........ ONLY.... my neighbor below me doesn't want the smell or stains of cigarette smoke in her apartment.. so she....Smokes on her Balcony.................Where do you think the smoke is going??? I wonder if she is even thinking or even cares that when I wake up I come into the living room and open  the balcony slider door.. for fresh...air... Which I am not getting at a time or 2 or 3 or 4 or.. well.. you get the idea..

I have spoken to the Manager about this. And she says there is nothing she can do about it. Since there is Nothing in the Lease about NO Smoking. Except no smoking in the pool area.....This morning I opened my slider.. and got a whiff of cigarette smoke and almost threw up.... I guess I will have to go talk to my neighbor about this.  That would be the best thing to do.

Friday, August 15, 2014

What A Disastrous day.....!!!!!

...In my opinion anyway.... 

Had that Foot Doctor's Appointment. By the time I stepped foot outside.. It was Raining Cats and Dogs.. I did not take my camera.. It was way to wet. By the time I got to the bus stop I was soaked from head to foot.. I even took my umbrella... which did nothing to help. I need a larger one.. There were people that were coming very close to the sidewalk in their cars,and trucks..and trying to get me even wetter.. I WAS Screaming at them!!!!!!! They were laughing at me................

I finally got to Frances Street... and it was not raining at all there. just maybe a few drops here and there. I got to the Foot Doctors, and walked in,, Those young women behind the counter were not very helpful.. I had to take off my jacket, and walked over and got a few tissues.. and tried wiping away the rain on my face and glasses... I filled out the forms they wanted me to... and then someone called me to the back and into a room. She told me to take off my shoes and socks.. I told her I was so sorry that I was so wet,,, it was a Torrential rain out there...She said no problem.

So I sat there with my feet wet, and cold.. and I was shivering with cold... Finally the doctor came in and yes, he shook my hand... I bet he hated doing that.. The Scum Bag.........Bastard............!!!!!!! He never once touched my feet,,, He is a foot doctor after all.. All he said was that I had Hammer foot.!!!!!!!!!!!! And if I were Diabetic.. I told him no I was not Diabetic.. He then asked me who my Doctor was ...I told him that it was Doctor Doggett.. After all I did write it on that form I filled out..

He said he had no idea who he was,,, and where did I go see him.. I told him At Providence .... He then told me after his assistant came back in to the room that because I was not a diabetic he just couldn't cut my toe nails.. Oh.. and that if I wanted to clean up the fungi I would have to get a Blood test to see if My Kidneys were in Good shape...!!!!! I was so pissed off,, at how he stood there with his arms folded.. and standing so far away from me.. Like I was some sort of homeless person.... is how I felt..

I then got so pissed off I started crying.. I had had it with his holier than thou attitude.. I got up from that chair.. and told them that I did not feel like I was being treated in the manner I should be .. And that they all acted like I was some sort of homeless person.. And don't touch me or else you will get what I have.. By this time I was putting my soaked socks and soaked shoes back on.. And I just walked out and that was that.. but OH.. I cried.. I tried calling my BBF but she was not around.. I was so upset..

I knew that after the Foot Doctor, I was going to go to World Market, so thought I would go anyways.. maybe make me feel better.. So when I got in there, I thought of calling my Doctor and letting them know what happened. I was standing there in one of the isles .. Bawling my eyes out telling the nurse about my experience with that Foot Doc..... After I hung up.. I can't recall what I did with the cell phone.. But, in the mean time,, I asked one of the people that worked there where something was and she had this boot on her foot.. she was seeing a Foot Doctor and so we talked about this one I went to.. She said she had gone there the first time,, and he had given her the wrong diagnoses.. Saying she had a Tumor in her foot!!!!! When I wasn't that at all..... I felt sooo much better when she told me her experience with him.

So in the mean time, after i went to Jack in the Box for their taco's.. Yes.. one of my favorites.. sorry.. just is.. anyways.. I walked back to World Market and talked to the Manager... asking him that if he found it he could go into my contacts and call my skype number.. as i have it in there..

Once I finally got home.. I called Assurance wireless and since I have another cell phone had that one activated.. and I am sure that other one is history.. But I will be buying another one, since this one is not as good as the one I just lost...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Burning Man

Reno resident Dennis Alumbaugh talks about creating his Viking ship art car, Fjorgyn, out of an old Dodge RV.,AAAACbynDJE~,islw6l_hfxW-SiM5TObAFxrvLjIiWa_S&bclid=0&bctid=3720153847001

I hope this comes out.  This is an Artist from Reno,NV that started building this thing for Burning Man.  I love art and this type is amazing.  To be able to look at something and see it, then buy an old RV and build something out of it is just Amazing... 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big Storm Came Through

Got some really good shots of a tree that just fell late afternoon yesterday.  Plus lots more...

The winds were up to 60 or so MPH.  And there went a tree in our Courtyard.

I also got some video... but can't figure out how to get it on here.. will have to try...but not right now. I understand that there were over 35.000 people without electric last night and this morning. As a matter of fact, at 7:13 our electric went down.  Finally came back up about 3 hours later. And you know what ?  I never missed the laptop nor the TV. I did have the Sunday Newspaper, which I took outside on the Balcony and sat there with the cup of Tea I was able to make before the elect went down... thank goodness for that.. lol.  So I sat out there looking at all the adds, and listening to all the birds chirping away... There was more photos.. here are a few more.. Poor Car.. That tree found its target.. Car being Red and all.. and Boom,, got it dead on... lol.. I think its ready for Car Heaven.... 

Anyway that is it for now. I need to get things done around here.. Making Salsa for my Mexican Meal... yum...