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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is the Matter with our Country

The Cooking Channel is running a program called "Hunger Hits Home." Its about Hunger in America....I watched it a few weeks back,, and wanted to share this with everyone.. To show.. For some reason they say we are the Richest Country in the World.. Really?? then why are there so many people hungry in America??? 

This just hasn't been happening since the Recession.. Its been an on going problem for longer than not.. We have always had food banks.. and thank goodness they have been there. 

But right now with the Recession happening.. The Food Banks are getting very short on food.. Since living in Seattle,WA I have only gone to one Food Bank and that was here in the Market. There was a lot more fruits and Veggies there since that is the main thing being sold ... food wise anyway.. 

Yes, there are Fish Shops, Bakeries, A Meat Market...and lots of private people selling their wares.. And while living in a very large City, where to get to a grocery store would mean I have to walk to the bus stop, 2 blocks away,,,and have that bus take me on a 35-45 minute ride to the nearest Grocery Store where I can buy for less. Target downtown cost me $80.00 for groceries... and that was way to much for what I bought... Its the same on this program. It is showing a young woman with children having to just buy Top Romin in a very small Mom and Pops store.. and then taking a bus 45 minutes out to buy Fruits and Veggies...

Now why in the world can't we fix this problem???? That is the Question... I suppose for me it would mean to move somewhere closer to a Grocery Store.  Someone the other day told me that if I moved out to the Suburbs, there would not be any Grocery Stores available for me... ??  Really ???  Because when I take the bus out to either on Aurora.. or up 15th Ave N.. All I see are Grocery Stores.. why are they saying these things to me??? What are they trying to tell me????  Like right now I should be waiting for the bus for Crown Hill.. I want to go to Grocery Outlet and then to Safeway.  They are one bloce away from each other... And its getting later and later in the day. Maybe I will wait till tomorrow. I really hate going so late in the day..  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Long Walk

Before Jenny got sick this last time, we used to take long walks in the mornings.  When she became sick, all she wanted to do was just go out to the nearest tree and bush and do her business.

There has been a few days she now has wanted to take our long walks. But now its in the afternoons.  This afternoon, we decided.. I actually made this decision... To walk to Mud Bad to get her more Pooper bags.. And as I started talking to one of the young girls that works there and wondering where we were going to get Jenny Craigs canned food. She told me about a place up on Blanchard. Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  I said. that will be a good little walk for Jenny and me. So we took that walk.

I remembered that place, and had forgotten about it.  But, now that Mud Bay has taken Jenny's canned food off the shelves for good I really did need to find another place that was close enough, instead of taking the bus for 40 minutes just for her dog food.  I really can't tell you what the name is of this new Pet Store, but we did go in and was able to talk to the owner. And I was soooo upset, when she told me that she had that food, and no one bought it.  So, she donated it.... OH.. I only wish I knew she had it. But good news... she is going to order it.. and she will charge me only ...$1.80 per can.  which is .09 cents less than Mud Bay and .01 cents less than Pet Co.  So, I think I will be OK.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here I am...

I have been very bad.. not coming here like I wanted... So,, even though they say... it only takes around 30 days to get the hang of doing something.. for me.. I guess its

I have just been busy cooking and my life has been so boring. I was suppose to have gone to a friends this past Friday for a Potluck dinner.., but when she emailed me telling me that one of her friends son has allergies.. to peanuts.. and that she didn't think I should bring that dish I was going to bring.. It was Nutella Chocolate Bread Pudding.. Nutella is from Hazelnut,which comes from a tree..

I told her this.. but she still wanted me to keep it out.. ?? What Keep out the main Ingredient??  I was very disappointing. And so just didn't go.. there was some back and forth talk.. and I then told her that I could not make it .. due to my dog being sick.. and that maybe we could have a dessert night ... And that is what we will have next month.. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well, I did it again.. I walked to Safeway Grocery Store and its just over a mile. I walked in..... still walking. and walked around the store putting stuff in the grocery cart. Got all that was on the list.. nothing else extra. Knew I only had that large bag. 

Walked up to the checkout and Yes.. it allll fit in that bag.. But..........It was SO Heavy.. It must have weighed 20 pounds..... I figure there were lots of places to stop and take a rest. And that is what I did. But, my arm is shaking and stressed out... I'm pooped out.. and well, from the shoulder all way down to my left hand.. is shaking.... I think I'm getting to old to do this type of hauling..... after allll in a months time I will be 65 years ... Young....... See there is that bag that a very good friend gave me from his travels.  It was a 50 lb bag of rice... that they took and made into a carry all bag.. pretty cool...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slow Cooker Meals

So I made another Slow Cooker Meal. It was soo goood.. Sirloin Steak, with Mushroom Sauce. 

I am having so much fun with my Slow Cooker... so I won't have to cook again till Wednesday.  I have enough stuff in the freezer that will last me for around 16 or so days.. may be longer.. Not bad..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Its been a few days since my last blog.  Had to do a few things over the weekend.. OH.. yah.. things.. lol.. Nothing exciting.. I have decided to start cooking with just my slow cooker.  So last week I bought from a menu that will hopfully last me almost a month. We will see. So this is the first thing I made

It is Teriyaki Chicken with it was suppose to be with Jasmine Rice but I didn't have any and I was to lazy to go down to the Philippino Store for some. So, I found this... Quinoa in the cupboard.  And yum.. I only made enough for 2 days.. but that is all that I am doing for. each for 2 days.

Today I have Sirloin Steak/Mushroom over of course.. Mashed Potatoes.. I know.. I know it should have been Brown/Jasmine Rice.. But,, I think Mashed Potatoes will be wonderful.. pictures to come soon....LOL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday 09/06/2012

Don't tell me I may be doing the wrong thing.. Because then I will feel really bad.

Jenny Craig is still not well. I have given her the Med's the Dr had given her.  Every single day 2 times a day 2 different types of meds.. And still she is not getting any better.  I have 3 friends who think I should be thinking of putting her down. I on the other hand have been thinking of asking the Vet if he knew anyone who would want to keep her, and go ahead and pay for her operation. It would of course cost $700.00 which I don't have.  If he says no.. then I will put her down.  I just can't see her suffering like this.  And I will never ever get another dog.  This is the last one.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wow.. tell me I was wrong.. Please....

I know I have blogged about this before.  And I think I have told  everyone that I am on Food Stamps and also my living situation is from Section 8 which is a voucher that allows me to live in an apartment.  And... Well, now that I will be turning 65 this coming month.. Social Security is now going to take out of that little check $100.00 for Medicade. 

So I let Housing know this past week, and now I need to let the Food Stamp place know about that and the fact that my rent will be going down.  I'm sure my food stamps will be going down also.. after alllll... Welllll.. I think it should go up.... I know that right now I get $132.00 and that allows me $4.00 per day for a month to eat on... Yep.. that is it.. but I was getting less than that when I lived in Reno,, but I was getting unemployment and Social Security.  I should find out about that this coming week....

Anyways.... I walked up to the social services on 2nd Ave and Lanora.. And as I got on the elevator,, there was a sign stating that the EBT office was only open from 8am till 2pm.. I was a few minutes late.. OH, well, I figured there was something else I could do.. the elevator opened and I walked in and on the right side there is a Guard... and there is nothing else telling me that I should wait at a line.. or wait here sign.. So I walked past him and said.. "HI".. Where he yelled at me ...telling me to "Get back here".. now this guy is young.. must be between 23 and maybe 25.. or he just has a baby face.  I said..What??  He said.. "Your not suppose to go up to the desk till she calls you".. I was actually going to go sign in on the computer.. we were doing that before.. Had something changed?? I was so shocked at the way he treated me.. I turned to him when I walked back to where ever that invisible line was.. and told him.. "look,, I'm not a crazy person, or someone on dope, or on meds to make me think right. And so I feel like you are out of line at the way you just spoke to me"

The woman behind the counter said.. come on up.. I can help you...... so I told her what I had,, she processed it and told me that it would go to another department.. and I would be getting a letter soon... I did apologise to her for my actions.. and then turned to him and said the same thing.. And walked out.. but not before a Black Guy sitting there looked up at me ..and nodded his head at me.. Like "You Go Girl"... lol.. I was so upset,, all I wanted to do was cry.. I'm sorry I have to depend on these things.. I'm sorry that I never got the education (College).. I'm just so sorry..... what else can I say.. At least I'm not out on the Streets. 

I think I really do need to move from this downtown area.. Its really getting to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quiet Day

And it has been a very quiet day. Brian came by to help me figure out the game Pogo. I had always played it on IE.. and all of a sudden it stopped playing. I could not play the games I wanted. 

So he came by this morning bringing me this... And Oh.. YUM.. it was very tasty.  He made them with a Muffin Tin. And said the recipe told him to leave in the oven for 20 minutes.. Welllll.. Its a hit and miss when making stuff like this.. But,, I must say.. I loved it..

Jenny and I have just been relaxing.. got the apartment cleaned up this morning.  went down to the Market and bought a few things for dinner this evening.  I made this new meal called "Pizza Casserole". Here is a picture of it... Yes,, I ate Shoot.. I wonder how I can get what I'm talking about in my pictures to correspond with what I'm saying??? Anyone know??  OH.. Well.. its up at the top there..

The Pizza Casserole is OK.. I think if I make it again I will really make it taste like a Pizza..... hahaaa...

Monday, September 3, 2012

What did I know....

When I first started using blogger,, I have to was a long time ago.. And I then forgot about it.  But, then when we all know that Multiply was Closing their Doors.. Everyone surried around looking for another home to Blog in.

Some mentioned blogger, some mentioned "thoughts" and there were a few others that I can't remember.  Since I already had a Gmail account I decided to go ahead and try Blogger.  And was surprised to see I had already started a blog, but had forgotten about it. 
Now today I finally figured out what was going on when I changed that secure setting for everyone to use. And I didn't want it.  To verify you had to follow instructions that were hard to see.  So I went to you tube and found what I was looking for. I then took that information and used it on the only blog I thought I had.  But, found out it was STILL happening.

Found out right now that I had 2 blogs going, but the first one I started is really not being used. I now need to find out how to delete it.  Another project .... lol...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I had some Ground Beef

But what to do with it? I didn't want to make the same ol same ol.. So I went to and decided on Chili... I found one that sounded pretty interesting. It had mushrooms, Carrots, Corn, actually everything except Ground Beef.. It was Vegetarian...But,, I loved what was in it.. So made it my own..

I started it last night by soaking 2 cups of Pinto Beans.. and got everything out that did not require to be left in the fridge.  I then prepared it all this morning at 8am.. I put everything into my crockpot. It has gone through the smells of "Oh.. that just smells awfull... to Hummm.. Now its smelling pretty interesting. To Wow.. that smells GOOD!!! to.. me trying it out just now toooooo... WOW,, I did

Pictures to come...

My little Jenny Craig

Well, she is doing so much better.  Thank goodness.... I don't think I could afford another day of her going to the Animal Hospital again.. She was acting almost herself this morning as we started out walk. 


Usually we walk down to Stewart St the cross 1 St Ave up Stewart to 2nd Ave then left on 2nd and all the way up to Blanchard then left toward the water. We either get as far as 1St Ave but sometimes Jenny wants to walk all the way down to Western Ave then left all the way to Virginia ST.  And then.. because Virginia St is a hill.

We have yet to walk this long. Maybe this coming week, Jenny will be ready to walk that far...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here is what I got of the Blue Moon..

I woke up last night and here is what I got.. Its not the best I don't think.. My only wish is to have a better camera.

It was right about 2:30am or so.. beautiful.. not as good as someone else I know.. But,, well.. can ya see the blue around it?????  Hahahaaaaaa....Just Kidding.......LOL

Here is what I was talking about

What if your tattoos were from an earlier period of your life... You see.. Its not good in my eyes to Judge People.. How do you know they are on drugs?  Do you know them personally??  And why are some saying if you smoke  you shouldn't be on food stamps????? What does smoking have to do with eating???  And I don't know,, but if I were a senior citizen.... OH.. I am.. and if I needed to get my toe nails clipped due to the fact some... senior citizens can't cut them right.. who are you to tell me that If I  go get a Pedi or a mani I shouldn't get food stamps..

STOP all I can say.....

Earlier Forgotten Post.

OH.. Boy.. this has been a really tough 2 days.  My dog Jenny Craig had been hurting ... she was scooting and the last time I talked to a Vet was just before I lost my job that Vet from PetSmart, told me That there was nothing wrong with Jenny. 

I had no idea that some dogs needed to have this proceedure done more than some dogs. Looks like Jenny Craig needs it done every 4 -6 weeks.. That will be $20.00 every month.. That is how I plan on doing it..

Hello.. are you a Robot or What???

I have to thank Charlie Wildgoose for letting me know that everytime he leaves a message,, he also has to be verified... OH. and I also hate that little thing..

So, I tried figuring it all out.. but just didn't know how to do it... Till I decided to head over to Google. Finally there was someone there that showed me exactly what to do.. Loved the step by step she did.  Her blogger name is... Happy Hour Projects...And I did thank her also for all the information she gave...

So now when you come by to read my Thoughts.. You won't have to be varified... So,, come on by.. have a cup of tea and a crumpet, and read what my brain is thinking.....

Why Do I Feel This Way???

A friend who I went to High School with is a facebook friend.  And there is this thing going around about if you smoke, or get tattoo's, or do drugs, or get Mani's. You don't need food stamps...

Do you know how Pissed off I was when I saw that ???  I had to respond with ....I stopped smoking in 1984, I stopped drinking when I almost killed a Seal (Marine,or Navy)?? with a Kamikaze Glass. I also never got that Tattoo that my Brother wanted to buy me. Otherwise I would be one of those with a tattoo with food stamps..

I would think this is Profiling.  And really what happens if that person got those tattoos way before the economy took a dump???  Why are people thinking this way??

I am so tired of these things being added to all the other things on my facebook site. And then you get those people that all they do is use other sayings that other people have put on their site.. What is the matter with these people .??? Don't they have a brain to think with??? Yes, I have used some of them myself.. but there is one person that just adds and adds and adds junk... like that is how she really wants to be.. I need to make her an Aquantance instead of a friend.. that may work...  

I think I'm almost over Facebook.  Its gotten as bad as MySpace..does that site still exgist???  I have no idea..