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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Babies Sleeping

How old is a baby before they aren't a baby any longer?  I have a friend who has a Grandson who will be 3 years old in Feb. He has been I think Coddled his whole life because he was born with a serious Kidney troubles.  He only has one now, but he seems to me to be doing very well.

He goes to Morning Day Care since he has his Grandmother and Grandfather to go pick him up. And then his Mother comes home and puts him down for his nap.. He still breastfeeds,  Only at Nap time and night time.

So this is what is going on.  I know that he has his naps starting at 12 noon.  And his Grandmother and Grandfather have to be very very quiet so that he doesn't wake up.  When I went to visit them in June, and he had his napes. My friend and I would whisper or even go outside to talk normal so he could not be woken. Now, they live in a pretty big house.. And the door is not completely closed to his room, but no noise is allowed when he is sleeping.  To me it doesn't make since.. that child should be sleeping with dogs barking or door bells ringing or the cell phone ringing without him being woke up.   What harm does this type of thing do to a child ??   

Friday, November 1, 2013

Very Exhausting and Expensive Day

The first of the Month, getting my Social Security Check on Friday instead of Sunday is Great.. although at the end it really is hard..But that is the way it is.

So, I made my Menu for the week, wrote out my Grocery List... and got ready, and walked to the Bus Stop with my cute little 2 wheeled cart... Yes.. Now lets talk about that 2 wheeled cart... Here it is, its a really nice cart,,, Only,, it has some really weak wheels on it. And I took it today to go grocery shopping and guess what??  Yep.. I had it loaded to the brim with groceries.. and as I was pulling it along, it lost a wheel.  This guy found it, so yelled over at me to let me know,, at this time I knew I would have to call a cab, there was no way I would be able to pull this broken thing all the way home.  So, I found a Taxi and called them and they were so nice. I got home,, and here

 is what the cart looks like on the bottom.  Broken and not able to fix it. OH.. well.. in the trash it goes...