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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Exciting Day..

 I thought Jenny's Doctor's Appointment was this morning... So we took off early.. Since she also needed to be walked to do her thing.... I decided to take the bus, so walked up to Jay Blvd.. (its not really a blvd)... Not even close.. just a street.... Anyways.. we walked past Home Depot,, and down Newport Hwy. to the bus stop. For some reason I enjoy picking up the number 25 there instead of the other direction..

Got to Pet Smart inside to Banfield Pet Hospital, only to find.. wrong day... LOL.. so we walked to the bus stop and got back on the bus and got off in front of Home Depot. Walked across the street.. (Jaywalked)

Went into Home Depot to find that spray that will take off dry paint.. Found it.. will go pick some up tomorrow. Then we walked on home.

Once in the apartment, I decided to bring the flat screen TV into the bedroom.. Still getting it all set up for Winter living... Got it all set up.. Everything is working Just fine...

Got my shoes back on and went to pick up bus 26 to the Foot Doctor. I have to say.. It was like Day and Night.. Loved this Doctor, plus his Nurse was Fantastic... Will be using him always.. or for as long as I live in Spokane. lol

Waiting for the number 26 bus was good to learn my patients.. Took forever... I was good... Got home and decided to check for any mail.. The mail lady was just putting mail in the slots.. So I went into the Office..

So here is another good thing that I am so excited about.. OH.. I never said that did I?? Well..... The Manager told me that when I fill out the rent check.. To only make it out for..............................$104.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Sireeeeee... the money I was giving her for the dog deposit?? is being used instead for my Rent.........Yeppy... I am going to save a lot of money . $300.00...... Too excited to sit down.. Hahahaha