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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Went to my First Food Bank in Spokane

Don't get me wrong,, I am very grateful for the things they gave me. But...

We thought we would leave early for the Mead Food Bank,, Since everyone we spoke to about it said it is Packed.. Well,, we left at 3 PM.. and when we got there, there were only about 15 people in line. So we got in line, and I said to the woman who went with us.. OH.. watch out.. there are wasps right by your head. we were sitting in the shade. She was leaning up against the building. So there were Wasps flying around all over the place.

When a woman came out of the door, she had everyone sign in. We were 16,17,and 18th in line.. Which means Squat ... I thought,, oh it won't take that long.. They took the Newbies at the end of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we finally got our stuff,, and got home.. it was 6 PM. And they say we can only go there once a month. So there are people out there that don't know what they are talking about. OH. by the way.. I got stung by a Wasp..!!!!!!!! I was NOT doing anything.. it landed on my right ring finger and stung me!!!!!!

I am exhausted... to say the least... I have yet gone in to put stuff away.. Better get in there to do it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Talk with my Sister

I have decided to call my Sister once a week.  We really do need to stay in contact.  So as we were talking about stuff she was telling me about when she and her Son and Daughter in Law went out to dinner Friday Evening.

OK... so let me just say that my Sister has 3 urns.  One is my Mother, One is my baby Brother, and the last one is my Mother's second Husband.  My Sister has decided she would wait to figure out what to do with them. Now I know there are a lot of people that have their dead ones on a Mantle, and she doesn't have a fireplace so she was thinking of putting up a few shelves and putting them there.  I am not squimish about it all.  But seems her Son and Daughter in Law have had a few "Laughs" about them.

The first time her Daughter in Law said something she called them my Sister's Shrine.  That got my Sister pretty upset. She kept her mouth shut since at that time she was living with them.  But Friday Evening took the cake.

I guess once they were seated at a table, both son and daughter in law started with negative talk,,and then what broke the camels back was the daughter in law and son saying... Oh,,its for your Shrine.. when she heard that they were headed to the hardware store if she could come along to buy some shelving.

My Sister told them both to Go you know where. And got up from the table and went home.  She is still upset about this. And so far her Son has not contacted her about it all.

Her son met and married a young woman that came from Money... What ever that means..But that is what my Sister says .. the young woman is snobbish in all ways.  And now he Son is acting like that also. I think the Son has forgotten where he came from and where he lived for the past 10 years before he met this young woman... Prison for attempted Murder.. Sad but true... Sad that it happened, but that is what it is.  We talked about how people do change once they get rich, or better off financially.

So that is what has been on my mind today. And the fact that there are still fires all around us and I am still having to keep my AC on due to them.  I tried opening my windows this morning but found I couldn't do it. So closed them all up.

Monday, July 7, 2014

What a Day

Had to take Jenny to the Vet's today.. It was HOT outside.. and we walked. Well, Jenny was put in my little grocery cart.. so she wouldn't be all that tired when we got there.  And anyways.. as soon as we get to North Dakota and Jay Ave,,, she puts her breaks on.

So in she went.  We got to Pet Smart, where Banfield Pet Hospital is located.. and they were kind enough to let her stay there a few hours till I got a few things taken care of.

I found a Meat Market here in Spokane,WA.  And it has been here for a very long time. So I had to take 2 buses to get there.   Thank God for AC in the Buses...It got to 91 F. today.. And I wore my hat and sprayed myself with sunscreen... which I am thinking it clogs the pours and makes me perspire even more!!!  I got to the Downtown Plaza and had to find # 90 bus.. which was right there.. So then got off at Helena and Sprague and The Meat Market was right in front of me. I bought the weekly deal.. cost me $49.99. Then I got back on the bus headed back to the Plaza.. and that bus driver was so rude..

She did stop for me.. and I got on.. but she didn't bring the bus to the curb, and I had that cart full of meat.. and she didn't even lower the step!!!!  After I paid with my smart card.. I turned towards the back.. and she started driving!!! I almost fell.. didn't even wait till I got sat down.. I was really upset... And made mention of this.. so at the end of the route, she stopped me and told me that next time tell them (drivers) to wait till you get sat down!!!!  I let her know that the Bus Drivers in Tacoma always waited for their fares to sit down before heading off..

So I had to wait for the next bus and called Spokane Transit and complained. Telling them that what if there was an elderly person getting on the bus .and they just drove forward and that person fell??? and really hurt themselves???  anyway.. who knows if they will do anything about it..

I got off the number 25 bus and walked to Pet Smart and got Jenny.. and took the bus back to my stop.  And that was that.. by the time we got back home it was 91 F... And I was melted ....LOL