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Friday, August 15, 2014

What A Disastrous day.....!!!!!

...In my opinion anyway.... 

Had that Foot Doctor's Appointment. By the time I stepped foot outside.. It was Raining Cats and Dogs.. I did not take my camera.. It was way to wet. By the time I got to the bus stop I was soaked from head to foot.. I even took my umbrella... which did nothing to help. I need a larger one.. There were people that were coming very close to the sidewalk in their cars,and trucks..and trying to get me even wetter.. I WAS Screaming at them!!!!!!! They were laughing at me................

I finally got to Frances Street... and it was not raining at all there. just maybe a few drops here and there. I got to the Foot Doctors, and walked in,, Those young women behind the counter were not very helpful.. I had to take off my jacket, and walked over and got a few tissues.. and tried wiping away the rain on my face and glasses... I filled out the forms they wanted me to... and then someone called me to the back and into a room. She told me to take off my shoes and socks.. I told her I was so sorry that I was so wet,,, it was a Torrential rain out there...She said no problem.

So I sat there with my feet wet, and cold.. and I was shivering with cold... Finally the doctor came in and yes, he shook my hand... I bet he hated doing that.. The Scum Bag.........Bastard............!!!!!!! He never once touched my feet,,, He is a foot doctor after all.. All he said was that I had Hammer foot.!!!!!!!!!!!! And if I were Diabetic.. I told him no I was not Diabetic.. He then asked me who my Doctor was ...I told him that it was Doctor Doggett.. After all I did write it on that form I filled out..

He said he had no idea who he was,,, and where did I go see him.. I told him At Providence .... He then told me after his assistant came back in to the room that because I was not a diabetic he just couldn't cut my toe nails.. Oh.. and that if I wanted to clean up the fungi I would have to get a Blood test to see if My Kidneys were in Good shape...!!!!! I was so pissed off,, at how he stood there with his arms folded.. and standing so far away from me.. Like I was some sort of homeless person.... is how I felt..

I then got so pissed off I started crying.. I had had it with his holier than thou attitude.. I got up from that chair.. and told them that I did not feel like I was being treated in the manner I should be .. And that they all acted like I was some sort of homeless person.. And don't touch me or else you will get what I have.. By this time I was putting my soaked socks and soaked shoes back on.. And I just walked out and that was that.. but OH.. I cried.. I tried calling my BBF but she was not around.. I was so upset..

I knew that after the Foot Doctor, I was going to go to World Market, so thought I would go anyways.. maybe make me feel better.. So when I got in there, I thought of calling my Doctor and letting them know what happened. I was standing there in one of the isles .. Bawling my eyes out telling the nurse about my experience with that Foot Doc..... After I hung up.. I can't recall what I did with the cell phone.. But, in the mean time,, I asked one of the people that worked there where something was and she had this boot on her foot.. she was seeing a Foot Doctor and so we talked about this one I went to.. She said she had gone there the first time,, and he had given her the wrong diagnoses.. Saying she had a Tumor in her foot!!!!! When I wasn't that at all..... I felt sooo much better when she told me her experience with him.

So in the mean time, after i went to Jack in the Box for their taco's.. Yes.. one of my favorites.. sorry.. just is.. anyways.. I walked back to World Market and talked to the Manager... asking him that if he found it he could go into my contacts and call my skype number.. as i have it in there..

Once I finally got home.. I called Assurance wireless and since I have another cell phone had that one activated.. and I am sure that other one is history.. But I will be buying another one, since this one is not as good as the one I just lost...


  1. Sorry about your experience with the Doctor, and your lost cell phone. Some Doctors can be so cold, but I am sure you will find one more to your liking. Shopping after such a experience is good for the soul.

  2. It sure was.. I found some Jasmine Rice, and very good Olive Oil.. Thank you... for stopping by..